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Dear Sony - Eat a Dick

For our first article, we’re going to explore why Sony literally gives zero fucks about you as a customer using their most recent example - the PlayStation 5 release.

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PicRights Sucks - Protect Yourself

fuckpicrights sm

PicRights and Higbee and Associates (the thugs that PicRights will send after you and who will harass you for a 5 dollar photo) are complete scum who need to be raized from the face of the earth. But until they day when unscrupulous companies are burned in giant wicker men you need to defend your websites against their bullshit.  Here’s a place to start.

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Kyle Rittenhouse is no hero…. fuck him

Before you leftists start beating off to another anti-Kyle blog.. you’ll want to read what I have to say.

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