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Kyle Rittenhouse is no hero….

….but the guys he shot are retards and had it coming for their lack of common sense.

Today I’m going to talk about Kyle Rittenhouse.. the 17-year-old from Kenosha Wisconsin whose parents are clearly stupid inbred cunts for letting their under-age son out of the house with a fucking AR-15 rifle. But before all you gun-grabbing, Everytown for Gun Safety, beta fucks think I’m talking to support your cause lets get a couple of things clear..

  • The AR-15 rifle is NOT a “weapon of war”. And you’re a stupid cunt if you say it is. Go go eat rat poison before you breed and make more stupid.

  • I own a couple of AR-platform rifles. They’re great rifles and a lot of fun to shoot.

  • If you show up at my house thinking you’re going to be taking said rifles - you will be shot. 

  • Shannon Watts is filthy, slimey, evil cunt with a stinky pussy.

Now that we have all that out of the way….

Make no mistake… Kyle Rittenhouse is a stupid cunt. He has more than likely has committed at least one felony. I’m no lawyer.. but it clearly doesn’t look good.  He’s been charged with: reckless endangerment, homicide, minor in possession of a firearm, violating curfew (oh that’s a scary one) and a host of other crimes.

But that said… besides his parents needing to kick his ass for taking a high powered rifle out of the house at night.. Let’s talk about the ‘victims’.. Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz.. Sure they’re victims - of stupidity.  What in the actual FUCK were you idiots thinking??  I know two of you are dead.. but seriously.. what possessed you to think “Hey.. let’s go kick that guy’s ass who is carrying that rifle.. he won’t shoot us….!

How did that work out for you, dumbasses?

kyle rittenhouse-the-idiot
(coffee company logo removed because fuck Kyle - Ferris won’t let him besmirch a decent company)

Here’s a thought for all of you idiots who think he’s a folk hero - he’s not. And his family.. they’re a batch of assholes who should have raised their kid to have more common sense.. and maybe worked on better dental hygiene. They should have cells right next to his.

And here’s another note for you gun-grabbing, walking justifications for post-birth abortion: You see someone walking down the street with a rifle? If you don’t have a BIGGER RIFLE OR MORE RIFLES, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM. Give them a WIDE BERTH.  Call 911.. get out your damn camera and record the idiot. But do NOT be Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and  Gaige Grosskreutz. My consolences to the families and next of kin.. but clearly your cretenous family members lacked even MORE brain cells that Kyle’s parents. Of course since they were more than likely out rioting - that probably goes without saying.

Until next time I remain your humble narrator..

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