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Dear Sony - Thanks for sucking balls at the PS5 Launch

On November 12th 2020, Sony officially released the PlayStation 5 or PS5. The latest in their line of highly successful video game consoles. 

And they promptly FUCKED over their enormous fan base via short supply and shitty logistics.

For those of you who have been in a COVID-19 induced malaise venturing into a coma let me give your a brief history of the Sony Playstation:

December 1994: Sony Releases the first Playstation. It starts off slowly but in the 12 years of its active sales lifespan sells over 100 million units.

March 2000: Sony Releases the PlayStation 2 in Japan and it did  over $250 million in sales in the first day in Japan. Sony sold 980,000 units its first day in Japan.

October 2000: Sony Releases the PlayStation 2 in the US. Since it was already on sale in Japan - Sony anticipated the potential for huge sales in the US and make sure there were more than enough consoles available to meeting demand on launch day....

PSYCHE....!  Sony did no such fucking thing.

Sony completely fucked up, creating a second market for demand of the PS2 with astronomical secondary market sales, scams and theft abounding. PlayStation 2 consoles were not in regular supply in stores in the US until the following spring of 2001.

November 2006: Sony releases the PlayStation 3 (PS3). Learning their lessons from the short supply and high demand of the PS2 consoles, Sony anticipated this. Combined with the console launch price of $600 USD (and even then being sold at a loss) they had anticipated demand but ensuring proper logistics so that preorders could occur to meet demand without causing any delays... oh fuck who am I kidding..

NO such fucking thing happened... instead...

Sony fucked it's customers in the ass again without the courtesy of a goddamn reach-around. The ONLY reason demand recovered was that Nintendo launched the Wii in the same quarter and demand was so insane for that console (genuinely to everyone's surprise - including Nintendo) that PS3 supplies caught up with the demand by Christmas that same year.

November 2013: Sony releases the PlayStation 4. In a turn of events - they release the console in the US first anticipating that there would be a high level of demand for the console, especially given some of the ludicrous restrictions that Microsoft was planning for the Xbox One (like a single-use license key for each game you installed). This time, Sony nailed it! They had a solid structure for preorders in place with retailers, and if you wanted a PS4 for the family for Christmas you were pretty much able to get one.

No.. really.. you could! They actually nailed it that time! The staff at Free Ferris were pretty impressed...!  Sure there were the occasional hard-to-find one off's like the red Spider-Man PS4-Pro (tho the FF staff found one in a local department store), but overall they pretty much got it right!

Pan forward to 2020...

Sony announces the PlayStation 5 (PS5). And of course that comes along with all the hype anyone would expect and with details trickling out for 18 MONTHS prior. Did Sony learn anything in the last 7 years regarding order management and logistics like, say... Apple?  When Apple releases a new item you can go online, put in an order.. and if it is going to be 8 weeks before delivery, they TELL you that. So if you don't want to order, fine. But if you do.. you know up front you'll be waiting a bit.  What did Sony do for their launch?

They did an invite-only preorder. You had to be a PlayStation Plus member and if you didn't get an invite you didn't get shit.  Great.. that stunt fucked long time Sony fans like the FF staff right in the pooper. No apologies..  And retailers like GameStop, WalMart, Best Buy, Amazon were all short on supply but huge on bot-scripted demand. As a result.. it's 2000 and the PlayStation 2 all over again. Just look at these cunts on eBay (aka ScrewBay) selling the $499 console for over $1350 dollars.. 


What's even worse.. look at the sold stat: 46 sold?!!?!  That means he had over 45 more than he needed... hey ctcoleman_online - eBay cunt extraordinaire: For that $1350 you're screwing people for, do I get to kick you square in the nuts, too? Because you're definitely kicking everyone one of your customers in the nuts at that price. I don’t know who I should shit on more: ctcoleman_online or the 46 examples of why we need legalized post-birth abortion for enabling this shitmonkey.

Word of advice to Sony:  Go talk to Tim Cook and learn some goddamn logistics and don't use COVID-19 as an excuse. COVID is a bullshit excuse.. robots build all this shit now .. they don't fucking get COVID... you fucking shitheels. All you did was hurt long-time customer and sour your reputation. 

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